How to Pasabuy

How to Pasabuy 
  • After placing the order, you will get a link and a code
  •  Buy items with "Pasabuy" in title
  • Share the link or the code to your friends
  • If at least one of them placed a pasabuy order in 24 hours by using your link/code, then the pasabuy is successful
  • We will send you and your friends' orders 
  • Otherwise, your order will be cancelled after 24 hours.
  • But you can direct buy the order without inviting any friends(there will be a fee for it)

Where can I find the code/link?

  • Once you have placed a pasabuy order, there will be a complete page. You can find the code/link there.
  • Or after placing the order, you will receive an email that will contain the code/link
  • Or you can login your account and click pasabuy. Then you will see a "Invite" button in the order, you can click that to get the code/link
  • If  you can't find them in either way or do not know how to do that, you can contact live chat or 

What If I bought two or more orders by myself instead of inviting others?

  • The pasabuy group requires at least 2 people placing pasabuy order to complete the pasabuy
  • So all orders from you will be seen as 1 person only, you still need to invite another people to complete pasabuy
  • But you can use Direct Buy to complete the pasabuy

How can I complete pasabuy without inviting others?

  • You can use Direct Buy to complete the order directly
  • To use direct buy, you can click the direct buy of your order.
  • The button can be found at the email, on the order of your account or the complete page after your placing the order.
  • Notice: direct buy can be used even when you have invited someone in the pasabuy. The number of group people won't be decreased for direct buy orders and your order will be processed without waiting for the 24 hour count down.